WE ARE FAMILY Sermon Series

Every Sunday until September 24, 2017

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Category: All | Coordinator: Blake Melancon

Did you know when you accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior, you became a member of God’s family? Yes, you became part of a royal priesthood, a chosen generation, and co-heirs with Jesus to God’s Kingdom! (If that doesn’t make you shout for joy, you might want to check your pulse.)

Remember the 1979 blockbuster hit by Sister Sledge titled “We Are Family”? Aside from the catchy tune, the lyrics tell the story of family ties and a strong bond built around love.

We are family, I got all my sisters with me.
We are family, get up everybody and sing!

Everyone can see we're together as we walk on by.
And we fly just like birds of a feather, I won't tell no lie.

All of the people around us they say, “Can they be that close?”
Just let me state for the record, we're giving love in a family dose.

The song could very well have been written about God’s family. People should clearly see that we’re together (united) and we are birds of a feather (one mind.) Even though we come from different earthly parents, different backgrounds, come in different sizes and colors … we all bear the same name: CHRISTIAN, a follower of Christ, blessed and highly favored!

God created family and loves unity and diversity. Join us for an enlightening 5-week sermon series titled “WE ARE FAMILY!” to learn how God intends for us to live joyfully, peacefully and purposefully as parents, children, siblings, spouses, and brothers- and sisters-in-Christ:

  • Aug. 27    ::   We Are Husbands
  • Sept. 3     ::   We Are Moms
  • Sept. 10   ::   We Are Grandparents
  • Sept. 17   ::   We Are Children
  • Sept. 24  ::   We Are Church Family


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