3 Easy Ways To Give


• Text to: 225.475.3004
• Text message: GIVE ____
  Type amount after “GIVE”
[Ex: GIVE 50 = $50 donation]

• Confirm the transaction.
• You will receive a text confirming your donation.
• Be sure to save the text number to your Contacts for future use.


• Go to: therockchurchgonzales.com
• Click on the “GIVE” link at the top.
(First-time users will need to create an “account” or profile for secure giving by clicking “Register.”)
• Returning users, click on “Log in.”
• Complete the requested fields.
• You may choose to help pay the processing fees by clicking the box near the bottom. The fee amount will be deducted from your account and The Rock Church will receive your full donation.
• You will receive an email confirming your donation.


• Log in to your financial institution’s Bill Pay service.
• Set up a new “biller” account:
 42080 Churchpoint Road, Gonzales, LA 70737
 Phone: 225.644.8719
 Use your name for the Account Number
 Enter the amount of donation
 Set up frequency (if recurring) and date of withdrawal/payment
 Describe how you want your donation distributed on Memo line. ($XX for Tithes, $XX for Missions, $XX for Praise Giving)
• This option works great for set dollar amount giving.

Of course, you may continue to give by check or cash. These 3 new options will reduce your check printing costs and make giving easier no matter where you are.